Thursday, 14 June 2018

basic syntax

today I learned how to use java script i got up to level six but i also had level like 4a 4b and more like that so really I got past level five
 java script uses curly braces to tell witch lines if the code are inside the loop only line inside the braces will repeat
assignment operator the equal sign  (=) sets the variable to the value that comes after the sign

python was a easier code to use then java script i found as you just had to Customize it until you were satisfied with the look it to what you  want and change a few codes we used trinket to python script you also had to get another trinkit app for u to change colors and i also changed what it said after it had finished doing the circles i changed it to scream it was trinket but i changed it to something else

Thursday, 7 June 2018

ok so hand writing is back SOS

umm well handwriting is back SOS I hate it we have to slant and link help and also I got a dislike stamp 😑  do u think I will get better