Monday, 7 August 2017



Alice stayed silent for so long she had not talked for ages, Jack and Matty kept on asking if she was alright but she did not answer. (5 hours later) Alice gasps for air then drops down on the floor everyone rushes over to see what happens even Tas came over Mr spoon pushed his way through the crowd he chucked his glass of water over her nothing happened.
A couple of minutes later Alice rises into the air like an angel then the bell rang and she drops Jack and Matty catch her  or spoon grabs her out of there arms
“Jack, Matty come on “
They followed. They were taking Alice to the nurse but when they got in the room there was a pool of blood and a dead nurse lying on the bed Mr spoon quickly turns away looking pale as if he was going to faint or be sick. Matty and Jack run with him then the substitute was in the way blocking them in the corridor  yelling
“Oye you worms come here”
This time he was holding a knife. Now Mr spoon knew why we were scared and what had happened even Mr spoon was scared now. Alice was still unconscious  he yelled at Matty to get the phone and Matty sprinted  as fast as he could. in the corridor the substitute was inching closer and closer then Mr Spoon and Jack  run past him and Jack kicks him on the way
“Oye you stupid worm come back here”
He was yelling at Jack  
.When Matty was about to run behind the office desk he couldn’t there was nothing there. It was like there was an invisible wall.
But know one was there he ignored it and felt how high it was low enough to jump he jumped over it.
Suddenly I see something appearing it looked a bit like Alice but it couldn't be she was unconscious but when it appeared it was Alice.
“You were too late I'm gone I'm a ghost”
“No you can't be Alice please come back”
“I can't this is what happens this is how it is. go get Jack”
Matty runs down to get Jack but when he got there Mr spoon was dead too I saw him lying there and I could sense what happened and I knew Mr spoon was gone to   I had tears streaming down my face I get Jack we hug in sadness both crying. Our best friend Alice was gone and there was nothing we could do about it.
“Why do we have to go to school if we didn't have a stupid substitute none of this would have happened “
Matty said angrily
I know I know said Jack in a low-spirited voice
when they got back  Alice was there then Alice ,Jack and Matty in tears all hugging even know it felt like it was hugging the air they knew she was there and they would never leave her when they walked out of the school there was police cars guns firing blood and death they only have one thing to do kill the substitute but how would they kill him without getting killed themselves.  .  .  

Friday, 23 June 2017


hi guys comment on my work and what I could do better on 😃😂😎